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This request was came up to us when we needed a picture library that every time users should be able to upload their own images to it without overwriting the others images. The problem was “overwrite existing files” checkbox.

There is a solutions for this issue (not useful in my opinion) which is about modifying the “upload.aspx” page on the server (_layouts folder). However it will affect farm scope. we need it just for a specific library.

I found a solution based on jQuery. I’m not very expert in terms of coding and JavaScript, however I tried my own way and made a simple code after some hours! 😀 This workaround helped us. So I’m gonna share it with you here and hope that would be helpful for you too. Here is the summery of my workaround:

  1. Find if the prompt or page (upload) is related to our list (line 4)
  2. Find the check box and un-check it (line 6-7)
  3. Hide the section and also its description (line 8)

Here is the code:

	var form = $('form');
 	if ( form.attr('action').indexOf('YOUR 36 character List ID - Without Braces') > -1 )
	 	var checkbox = $('#ctl00_PlaceHolderMain_UploadDocumentSection_ctl03_OverwriteSingle');
	 	var multiple = $('#ctl00_PlaceHolderMain_UploadDocumentSection_ctl03_UploadMultipleLink');


  • on line 4 you must replace the ListID with you own Picture library ID or document library ID
  • Put this script in your default master page also link to jQuery file