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To fix the problem when you want to upload multiple files and you encounter this error :  Cannot run Windows SharePoint Services on this page …

Follow these steps :

You should make some changes to Upload.aspx file in layouts folder. But first make a copy of this file as a backup and then do these changes to the copied version. So you can move the original to another location and use the copied version to test if it’s successful or not.

  1. Open your copy of upload.aspx with appropriate application like Visual Studio or a simple one like Notpad. Search for <input TYPE=”hidden” NAME=”_charset_” VALUE=”utf-8″><!–webbot bot=”FileUpload” endspan i-checksum=”45034″ –>
  2. Update the following string as follows <input TYPE=”hidden” NAME=”Cmd” VALUE=”Save”><!–webbot bot=”FileUpload” endspan  –>
  3. Save your file.
  4. Reset IIS
  5. Now you should be able to upload multiple files in sharepoint document libraries :).

The source of this post was from Namwar Rizvi’s Sharepoint Blog . Many thanks to him for providing me this solution.


There was a question in my mind that how is possible to create a list or a document or form library, then create some views in it, but limit simple users to see only one view. and so some specific users ( for example managers ) see more than one view and it’s possible for them to change between views.

I solved my idea in my way , maybe useful for you ! It’s base on the benefits of using “Edit Page” and using “Target Audiences” . Imagin that we want to limit the users form switching views in Shared Documents Library . You can do it in this way :

So the First step is open this library –> From Site Action select Edit Page

–> on the Web Part Click edit –> click Modify Shared Web Part

You will see the top of the opened tool pane like this picture :

summary view

You see that there’s a “Summary view” in the drop down list. By Selecting it you will see that the “View” section will disapear . So now users can’t change the default view. 🙂

And for other users ( managers ) you can create a target audineced navigation link that links them to the proper view of the list/library.

Good luck.