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I was trying to configure send to connections in CA (SharePoint Server 2013) to be able to use content organizer to send documents to different site collections.

And encountered this error prompt each time I tested the link saying: Verification Failed: URL is not a valid routing URL

http://server/site Url/_vti_bin/officialfile.asmx

I was using the intranet public address for server part of “Send To URL” box ( Url/_vti_bin/officialfile.asmx) which was causing the error. So just using the internal server name (http://sharepointserver/site Url/_vti_bin/officialfile.asmx) solved the problem and also content organizer in my scenario started working fine.

Maybe in same scenario this may solve your problem.




Hello everyone

After investigating for about a week on an issue, I’m here to summerize and give you information about it.

Our platfrom is SharePoint 2013 and using office 2013 client applications. We have a root site collection and couple of host named site collections also.

If you need to use people and group fields in Document Infomation Panel or as people picker in InfoPath forms, maybe you have seen that your InfoPath form or Word document stops working and it may hang or carsh.

By searching internet you will come up with some ideas that you should modify the web.config file and set attribute MultipleSiteBindingEnabled to True.

Something like this:

<serviceHostingEnvironment aspNetCompatibilityEnabled="true" multipleSiteBindingsEnabled="true" />

However I found that this modification could have lots of annoying side effects and is not working properly. Although depends on your configuration. I recommend don’t do it!  It can cause the drag and drop functionality on document libraries stop working, it can cause the internal people and group fields (for example for lists) stop searching the directory and it can cause SharePoint designer to not be able to connect to your sites.

What I found instead was quite simple suprisingly. We had used manully binding into IIS which I found is not correct. To summerize and cut a long story short, I found:

  1. There is no need to modify the web.config file for adding multiple site bindings attribute
  2. And more importantly never ever manually add site binding into the IIS console


Just following this two instructions everything works like a charm in our farm.

Hope this helps.

Navid 🙂




Hi. yesterday one of the secretariats told me that some JavaScripts like global navigation menu does not work for her. I checked her computer and saw in the left corner of the browser : “Error on Page” while loading our SharePoint site.

when I do double-click on error to show the details
“Problems with this web page might prevent it from displayed properly or functioning properly.”
Detail Part shows:
“Line: 1935
Char: 4
Error: Library not Registered.
Code: 0

a small search was enough to find the problem and how to solve it.

Just open one office program and Run Office Diagnostic.

for example : Word 2007

  Office button -> Word Options -> Resources -> Diagnose


Sometimes when you want to edit an aspx file ( for example a page layout ) within “_catalogs/masterpage” directory you may encounter this error :

The Master Page file “….” cannot be loaded .

I found that this masterpage is not published ! So after I checked it in and published the master page , I counld checked out and edit aspx files without any problem .

If by Internet Explorer you can’t see some SharePoint Document Library & List links like “Connect to Outlook” in “Action” menu or “Upload Multiple Files” in “Upload” menus in document libraries … it’s because that some SharePoint related Add-ons are disabled ! ( IE Security )

There is an ActiveX Control with name : STSSYNC

To Solve this issue in Internet Explorer 6 or 7 or 8 , go to Tools , Manage Add-ons , Enable or Disable Add-ons . Look for SharePoint Stssync handler and Enable it . Then restart your Internet Explorer . ( Close All & Open New Window )

There are also some related Add-ons that may help you Enable other functionalities:

  • SharePoint Export Database Launcher –> Open with Access
  • SharePoint OpenDocuments Calss
  • SharePoint Spreadsheet Launcher –> Export To Spreadsheet
  • SharePoint Stssync Handler –> Connect To Outlook
  • SharePoint OpenXML Documents
  • STS Upld Upload Ctl Class  –> Upload Multiple Docs
  • Microsoft Office Visio 12 Diagram Launch Control –> Create Visio Digram

I also should Thanks to Cornell, Scott because his blog first helped me to solve this issue .

To fix the problem when you want to upload multiple files and you encounter this error :  Cannot run Windows SharePoint Services on this page …

Follow these steps :

You should make some changes to Upload.aspx file in layouts folder. But first make a copy of this file as a backup and then do these changes to the copied version. So you can move the original to another location and use the copied version to test if it’s successful or not.

  1. Open your copy of upload.aspx with appropriate application like Visual Studio or a simple one like Notpad. Search for <input TYPE=”hidden” NAME=”_charset_” VALUE=”utf-8″><!–webbot bot=”FileUpload” endspan i-checksum=”45034″ –>
  2. Update the following string as follows <input TYPE=”hidden” NAME=”Cmd” VALUE=”Save”><!–webbot bot=”FileUpload” endspan  –>
  3. Save your file.
  4. Reset IIS
  5. Now you should be able to upload multiple files in sharepoint document libraries :).

The source of this post was from Namwar Rizvi’s Sharepoint Blog . Many thanks to him for providing me this solution.

Group cannot be found !

Posted: March 16, 2009 in Errors, SharePoint

I would be very thankful to whom guide me how to solve this error.

In our Sharepoint Intranet in some specific situations  ( I don’t remember them ) and especially when I want to upload a picture in a picture library or when I want to edit properties of an item in a list, it gives me this error :

Group cannot be found .

of course after going back and re entering the picture library the file has been uploaded successfully but there’s always this error . Is there anyone who knows a workaround about this error ??????????