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I was trying to configure send to connections in CA (SharePoint Server 2013) to be able to use content organizer to send documents to different site collections.

And encountered this error prompt each time I tested the link saying: Verification Failed: URL is not a valid routing URL

http://server/site Url/_vti_bin/officialfile.asmx

I was using the intranet public address for server part of “Send To URL” box ( Url/_vti_bin/officialfile.asmx) which was causing the error. So just using the internal server name (http://sharepointserver/site Url/_vti_bin/officialfile.asmx) solved the problem and also content organizer in my scenario started working fine.

Maybe in same scenario this may solve your problem.




In Sharepoint 2007 when you want to create or extend a web application or create the central administration site ( after installing ) you know that one step is to choose authnetication type. I read a good point about one of the differences between these two types and want to share it with you ūüôā

  • NTLM is the default authentication type. it authenticates each user request against the domain controller. This increases the traffic to the domain controller because each user request needs to be authenticated. Therefore, NTLM authentication impacts the performance of WSS.
  • If the network domain in your organization supports Kerberos, you should use Kerberos because it stores user credentials on the WSS server. As a result, the performance of WSS improves because the WSS server does not need to authenticate each user against the doamin controller.

If you want to create a SSP for your Sharepoint site and in the create new SSP page, you do not see any existing web application , it’s because that web application pool account¬†during creating¬†your web applications was something else than your account. (¬†e.g¬†Network Service¬†)

In this case you can create SSP with STSADM command like this :

through “Run”¬†type “cmd” and¬†go to this folder : C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\web server extensions\12\BIN

then type :

stsadm -o createssp -title <SSP_Name> – url <YourWebAppURL> -mysiteurl <YourMySiteWebAppURL> -ssplogin <Login Account> -index server <Index Server> -indexlocation <“IndexLocation”> -sspdatabaseserver <DB_Server> -sspdatabasename <SSP_DB_Name>

After that you should get : Operation Completed successfully !

It’s an error that you may recieve after you install MOSS 2007 and run Sharepoint Products and technologies Configuration Wizard. When¬†the configuration completed successfully and when you want to open Sharepoint Central Administration, you may recieve the following error by Internet Explorer : You are not authorized to view this page !

In this condition you’d better to check this 2 step :

  • First check that your Central Administration Appliation pool identity is your Admin account. (¬†IIS -> Application¬†Pools -> Right Click on Sharepoint Central Administration v3 -> Properties -> Identity Tab¬†)
  • Second check that if you are using IE 6.0 , your site is in Local Intranet Trusted Sites or not . (¬†Tools -> Internet Option -> Security Tab -> Local Intranet -> Sites¬†)

I got this error when I was trying to remove a web application from IIS. ( In Operations tab :  Remove Sharepoint from IIS Web site ) .

An object of the type Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration.
SPWebApplicationProvisioningJobDefinition named “Provisioning
********-****-****-****-************” already exists under the parent
Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration.SPWebService named “”. Rename your
object or delete the existing object.

To solve the issue from the Operation tab go to the Timer job definitions list and delete the related Provisioning or Unprovisioning timer job. You will also see that the name of the related web application is in the bracket.