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Hello everyone

After investigating for about a week on an issue, I’m here to summerize and give you information about it.

Our platfrom is SharePoint 2013 and using office 2013 client applications. We have a root site collection and couple of host named site collections also.

If you need to use people and group fields in Document Infomation Panel or as people picker in InfoPath forms, maybe you have seen that your InfoPath form or Word document stops working and it may hang or carsh.

By searching internet you will come up with some ideas that you should modify the web.config file and set attribute MultipleSiteBindingEnabled to True.

Something like this:

<serviceHostingEnvironment aspNetCompatibilityEnabled="true" multipleSiteBindingsEnabled="true" />

However I found that this modification could have lots of annoying side effects and is not working properly. Although depends on your configuration. I recommend don’t do it!¬† It can cause the drag and drop functionality on document libraries stop working, it can cause the internal people and group fields (for example for lists) stop searching the directory and it can cause SharePoint designer to not be able to connect to your sites.

What I found instead was quite simple suprisingly. We had used manully binding into IIS which I found is not correct. To summerize and cut a long story short, I found:

  1. There is no need to modify the web.config file for adding multiple site bindings attribute
  2. And more importantly never ever manually add site binding into the IIS console


Just following this two instructions everything works like a charm in our farm.

Hope this helps.

Navid ūüôā





I was designing a content page based on a page layout in a publishing site.

Usually I won’t direct users to the NewItem.aspx page or the List or Library directly. The way I provide them to create a new item in my current project is usually by customizing the list from with InfoPath and then using an InfoPath form web part in a publishing page. To be honest that’s an interesting and cool way and I’m happy with that. I do like the publishing feature of SharePoint !!!

However what if you like to open a NewItem form as a dialog directly from a content page. I found some articles like this and a good one here and thanks Baris Bikmaz about the post. You can read them for more information. Here is the summary for my case:

I used a HTML web part and customize the code like this.

<a href="javascript:NewItem2(null, '/<strong>YourSiteAddress</strong>/_layouts/listform.aspx?PageType=8&amp;ListId={<strong>YourListID</strong>}&amp;RootFolder=')">
<img alt="" src="Simple Image Address Which I used Instead of a Text Link" />

Page type 8 means New form Dialog.

Image tag is optional and you can use a simple text instead.

The good thing about this was that when I customized the list new item form with InfoPath, I wasn’t sure if it would open customized or not. and after testing It worked ! the dialog not only opened but also was based on customized infoPath ! Great! ūüôā

During these 2-3 weeks I was designing an Intranet site based on SharePoint 2010. Although it was an Internal site but the design and look of the site was important for the managers and in some cases we needed to use CSS3 techniques. The users were using IE 9.

To do this you know that the META tag in master pages should be changed as most of the designers know.

<meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=8"/>

I found that changing this tag has some side effects and finally we come come up to not to use CSS3 in SharePoint 2010 if it’s not really necessary. In other words if the functionality is more important than the look and feel, ask the company to meet you in halfway in terms of look and feel.

Some sections that are affected in IE 9 by changing META  tag content property.

  • InfoPath forms services ( In our cases, the customized list forms, the submit button stopped working in IE )
  • Ribbon look and feel ( in our case, it lost her background and became transparent)

Today one of my clients said to me that he get an error when he want to fill out a new form in a form library. I searched and found and solved his problem . You may have seen the following error when you want to open a new Infopath form in a sharepoint form library :

Microsoft Internet Explorer

The document could not be created.
The required application may not be installed properly, or the template for this document library cannot be opened.

Please try the following:
1- check the General Settings for this document library for the name of the template, and install the application necessary for opening the template. If the application was set to install on first use, run the application and try creating a new document again.

2. If you have permission to modify this document library, go to General Settings for the library and configure a new template. 

you may also have seen at the left corner of the page that there is a javascript error, when you double click on it , it shows a message that say : Library not registered

To solve this issue ( To open the page correctly and to successfully open the infopath form ) I ran the Office Diagnostics on the client and it solved the problem.

So if you have office 2003, the way is :

Help –> detect and Repair –> check discard my customized settings and restore defualts.

if your office is 2007 :

Help –> Office Diagnostics


Office button –> Word/Excel Options –> Resources –> Diagnose

Today I was working on an Infopath form. the form retrieved data from a list that had more than 1500 records. but when I previewd the form, my repeating table in the form showed only limited number of rows. ( e.g 100 record )

I found that it’s because of sharepoint lists. In default views the lists are set to show only 100 items,¬†and the others are in the¬†page2,3,… . I found that Infopath can ONLY¬†retrieve data from the page 1 !!! and It can’t read data from page 2¬†and more. it’s strange and I don’t know why !?!

So in this case¬†you should increase the “Item limit” property of your view¬†untill it shows all¬†Items¬†in the first page.¬†and If you are using “Group By”¬†¬†there’s¬†a same number of group per page box. Be careful ! ūüôā


Today I was working on my infopath form, when it done and I tried to publish it on my sharepoint site it gives me the error : getting the site content type columns failed.

after googling a little and searching I found that it’s may be a bug in sharepoint !
( I guess it , and I don’t know , may be it has a reason ! )

So tried to solve it ! & I could ! ūüôā

There are different ways that u could publish your form in this situation.

  1. Create a new sub-site under the root site and publish your form !
  2. Create a wildcard inclusion path and then create a site and then publish your form !
  3. but if you insist on publishing your form on the root site –>¬†so first create a Form Library in Sharepoint (¬†Site Action –> Create –> Form Library¬†) and then you can publish your form and update that¬†template of that form library !!! (¬†I think it’s like a trick but it works ¬†)

In this way the problem was solved and I could publish my form in a root of the site with explicit inclusion path.

Update !!

I found that this trick does not work when you want to publish your from in Advanced Mode as a site content type. So I think this trick only works in Simple Mode and when you publish your form as a Document library !