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During these 2-3 weeks I was designing an Intranet site based on SharePoint 2010. Although it was an Internal site but the design and look of the site was important for the managers and in some cases we needed to use CSS3 techniques. The users were using IE 9.

To do this you know that the META tag in master pages should be changed as most of the designers know.

<meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=8"/>

I found that changing this tag has some side effects and finally we come come up to not to use CSS3 in SharePoint 2010 if it’s not really necessary. In other words if the functionality is more important than the look and feel, ask the company to meet you in halfway in terms of look and feel.

Some sections that are affected in IE 9 by changing META  tag content property.

  • InfoPath forms services ( In our cases, the customized list forms, the submit button stopped working in IE )
  • Ribbon look and feel ( in our case, it lost her background and became transparent)

Hi. yesterday one of the secretariats told me that some JavaScripts like global navigation menu does not work for her. I checked her computer and saw in the left corner of the browser : “Error on Page” while loading our SharePoint site.

when I do double-click on error to show the details
“Problems with this web page might prevent it from displayed properly or functioning properly.”
Detail Part shows:
“Line: 1935
Char: 4
Error: Library not Registered.
Code: 0

a small search was enough to find the problem and how to solve it.

Just open one office program and Run Office Diagnostic.

for example : Word 2007

  Office button -> Word Options -> Resources -> Diagnose


If by Internet Explorer you can’t see some SharePoint Document Library & List links like “Connect to Outlook” in “Action” menu or “Upload Multiple Files” in “Upload” menus in document libraries … it’s because that some SharePoint related Add-ons are disabled ! ( IE Security )

There is an ActiveX Control with name : STSSYNC

To Solve this issue in Internet Explorer 6 or 7 or 8 , go to Tools , Manage Add-ons , Enable or Disable Add-ons . Look for SharePoint Stssync handler and Enable it . Then restart your Internet Explorer . ( Close All & Open New Window )

There are also some related Add-ons that may help you Enable other functionalities:

  • SharePoint Export Database Launcher –> Open with Access
  • SharePoint OpenDocuments Calss
  • SharePoint Spreadsheet Launcher –> Export To Spreadsheet
  • SharePoint Stssync Handler –> Connect To Outlook
  • SharePoint OpenXML Documents
  • STS Upld Upload Ctl Class  –> Upload Multiple Docs
  • Microsoft Office Visio 12 Diagram Launch Control –> Create Visio Digram

I also should Thanks to Cornell, Scott because his blog first helped me to solve this issue .