Advanced Search “Contains” Option

Posted: July 3, 2010 in Search Service, SharePoint
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In some of the more recent builds of MOSS, the “contains” and “does not contain” options for advanced searches have been removed. This was done because of query performance concerns expressed by a significant number of customers.These options were removed from the default Advanced Search page with hotfix 950280 (and all other cumulative MOSS 2007 updates released since) due to potential performance issues – Expensive Transact-SQL queries are generated in the back-end instance of SQL Server when you perform a search in SharePoint Server 2007. If you are not worried about the query perfomance hit, you can make this option available to users with a small amount of work. Take the following steps to do so.

1.       From your search center, go to the Advanced Search Page
2.       Click Site Actions->Edit Page
3.       On the “Advanced Search Box” web part, click edit -> Modify Shared Web Part
4.       Expand the Properties tab
5.       In the “Properties” textbox, find <Option Name=”AllowOpContains” Value=”False”/> under root the node. If it does not exist, create it.
6.       Change value from “False” to “True” and click OK
7.       Click “Publish” to publish the page

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