Portal Site Connection

Posted: July 28, 2009 in SharePoint

When you use SharePoint, In the Site Setting of your Site Collection you can see that there’s a link below “Site Collection Administration” which name : Portal site connection

I always wondered what’s this link and how can I use it. I also found there’s a good blog and article here.

I found that you can use this link to connect your Current Site Collection to another site collection . Let’s see How does thi work :

The default global navigation for Site Collections ( except Root Site Collection ) is like this picture :


This site collection is created under sites path and it’s address is : http://SharepointServer/sites/TestSiteCollection/default.aspx

Then , after I created this  new test Site Collection below sites path, by using Portal Site Connection of this site, I connected it to the Root ( Main ) Site Collection .

Portal Web Address : Http://Sharepointserver

Portal Name : Root

And as the result, The navigation is now something different form the old one. This could be helpful when you don’t want to link to another site with Top Link bar or Quick Lunch.


As gavinadams in his blog said,  the Portal Site Collection option is better as it provides a context of the root site collection being ‘above’ the project site collection and allows you to save the top link bar tabs for subsites of the project or links to other sites, servers, etc.


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