Group cannot be found !

Posted: March 16, 2009 in Errors, SharePoint

I would be very thankful to whom guide me how to solve this error.

In our Sharepoint Intranet in some specific situations  ( I don’t remember them ) and especially when I want to upload a picture in a picture library or when I want to edit properties of an item in a list, it gives me this error :

Group cannot be found .

of course after going back and re entering the picture library the file has been uploaded successfully but there’s always this error . Is there anyone who knows a workaround about this error ??????????

  1. mohamed hachem says:


    What was happening is the following as of lot of errors in sharepoint they are not very descriptive “Group cannot be found” mean that group had no permission within site, to be accessible the group should have at least read permission within the site.

    So if you create new group or your using group with no access, you will have the error

    Resolution :
    Give permission to your group on the site 🙂


  2. Shadi says:

    Thanks you are right, the group must has permission.

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