How to prevent data insertion in a sharepoint web part on page refresh

Posted: January 26, 2009 in Development, SharePoint
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Today I was trying to develop a web part to use as “Contact Us” . I think it is a good sample in CodeProject site . but there was something wrong after I deployed  it. Every time I hit F5 or Refresh button on the browser,  the button on the web part fired again and so another email was sent to me.

I searched a lot and found my solution to overcome this issue.

the point was that first I used a Page object as my current page.

Page currentPage;

then in the CreateChildControls() method :

currentPage = this.Page;
if ( !currentPage.IsPostBack )
currentPage.Session[“Firstload“] = 1;

then in my SendMessage button event Hadler I write the code like this :

protected void btn_SendMessage_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
if (int.Parse(currentPage.Session[“load”].ToString()) == 1)


//send message codes
currentPage.Session[“Firstload”] = 2; // the last command of the event handler


hope this help.


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