Create SSP , No Web application ???

Posted: January 22, 2009 in Central Administration, SharePoint
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If you want to create a SSP for your Sharepoint site and in the create new SSP page, you do not see any existing web application , it’s because that web application pool account during creating your web applications was something else than your account. ( e.g Network Service )

In this case you can create SSP with STSADM command like this :

through “Run” type “cmd” and go to this folder : C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\web server extensions\12\BIN

then type :

stsadm -o createssp -title <SSP_Name> – url <YourWebAppURL> -mysiteurl <YourMySiteWebAppURL> -ssplogin <Login Account> -index server <Index Server> -indexlocation <“IndexLocation”> -sspdatabaseserver <DB_Server> -sspdatabasename <SSP_DB_Name>

After that you should get : Operation Completed successfully !


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