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Posted: December 21, 2008 in Central Administration, Errors, SharePoint
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It’s an error that you may recieve after you install MOSS 2007 and run Sharepoint Products and technologies Configuration Wizard. When the configuration completed successfully and when you want to open Sharepoint Central Administration, you may recieve the following error by Internet Explorer : You are not authorized to view this page !

In this condition you’d better to check this 2 step :

  • First check that your Central Administration Appliation pool identity is your Admin account. ( IIS -> Application Pools -> Right Click on Sharepoint Central Administration v3 -> Properties -> Identity Tab )
  • Second check that if you are using IE 6.0 , your site is in Local Intranet Trusted Sites or not . ( Tools -> Internet Option -> Security Tab -> Local Intranet -> Sites )
  1. Paramvir says:

    Please let me know if there is any other setting required here to be checked.

    I have this issue in both my Dev And Prod Instances.

    Issue: When I click on the help option on any sharepoint page or site, I get this error.

  2. Paramvir says:

    Hey, we figured it out, this was done intentionally as there was possible threat of attacks through this. Will post the details shortly.

  3. wei says:

    Hi All,

    I got the same problem.

    I created a site collection, using my account as Site Collection Administrator, which worked well.

    However, after the password of domain account expired. I got ‘You are not authorized to view this page’ when I access the site collection.

    I tried to re-set my password by using ‘stsadm’, seems that the password was changed, But I still get ‘You are not authorized to view this page’ error.

    If possible, please help. Thanks in advance!


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