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Posted: October 18, 2008 in InfoPath, Pages, SharePoint
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Today one of my clients said to me that he get an error when he want to fill out a new form in a form library. I searched and found and solved his problem . You may have seen the following error when you want to open a new Infopath form in a sharepoint form library :

Microsoft Internet Explorer

The document could not be created.
The required application may not be installed properly, or the template for this document library cannot be opened.

Please try the following:
1- check the General Settings for this document library for the name of the template, and install the application necessary for opening the template. If the application was set to install on first use, run the application and try creating a new document again.

2. If you have permission to modify this document library, go to General Settings for the library and configure a new template. 

you may also have seen at the left corner of the page that there is a javascript error, when you double click on it , it shows a message that say : Library not registered

To solve this issue ( To open the page correctly and to successfully open the infopath form ) I ran the Office Diagnostics on the client and it solved the problem.

So if you have office 2003, the way is :

Help –> detect and Repair –> check discard my customized settings and restore defualts.

if your office is 2007 :

Help –> Office Diagnostics


Office button –> Word/Excel Options –> Resources –> Diagnose


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