How to Prevent users from changing view.

Posted: October 8, 2008 in Libraries, Lists, SharePoint

There was a question in my mind that how is possible to create a list or a document or form library, then create some views in it, but limit simple users to see only one view. and so some specific users ( for example managers ) see more than one view and it’s possible for them to change between views.

I solved my idea in my way , maybe useful for you ! It’s base on the benefits of using “Edit Page” and using “Target Audiences” . Imagin that we want to limit the users form switching views in Shared Documents Library . You can do it in this way :

So the First step is open this library –> From Site Action select Edit Page

–> on the Web Part Click edit –> click Modify Shared Web Part

You will see the top of the opened tool pane like this picture :

summary view

You see that there’s a “Summary view” in the drop down list. By Selecting it you will see that the “View” section will disapear . So now users can’t change the default view. 🙂

And for other users ( managers ) you can create a target audineced navigation link that links them to the proper view of the list/library.

Good luck.


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