How to View error details in Sharepoint ?

Posted: September 29, 2008 in SharePoint
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when you are working on your sharepoint sites you may have confronted with the the “unknown error” page . and maybe you really don’t know whta’s the real error. There’s a good way to see the error details. This way is base on changing some tags on your web.config file.

So first open web.config with a simple editor like notpad.

and change these tags to their new values :

1 – <customErrors mode=”on” />   change it to:
      <customErrors mode=”off” />

2 – In the SafeMode tag  : CallStack=”false”  change it to: 

3 – Save changes to the web.config file and restart your IIS.

  1. […] I decided to  change the web.config file to to see more details. as I said before I  changed “CustomErrors” and “CallStack” attributes in web.config . I […]

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