Sharepoint lists cause limited number of rows in infopath !

Posted: September 8, 2008 in InfoPath, Lists, SharePoint
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Today I was working on an Infopath form. the form retrieved data from a list that had more than 1500 records. but when I previewd the form, my repeating table in the form showed only limited number of rows. ( e.g 100 record )

I found that it’s because of sharepoint lists. In default views the lists are set to show only 100 items, and the others are in the page2,3,… . I found that Infopath can ONLY retrieve data from the page 1 !!! and It can’t read data from page 2 and more. it’s strange and I don’t know why !?!

So in this case you should increase the “Item limit” property of your view untill it shows all Items in the first page. and If you are using “Group By”  there’s a same number of group per page box. Be careful ! 🙂



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