Sharepoint “Unknown error” after changing an aspx file in _layouts folder !

Posted: August 26, 2008 in Customization, Errors, SharePoint
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Today I was working on our sharepoint based site and trying to customize it. I made a very big mistake when I opened “viewlsts.aspx” file in the layouts folder without doing any backup… made a little changes on it… and after that this page stop working 😦 !!!! every time I was clicking on “View all site content” , it navigated to the viewlsts page but it gives Unknown error !

I found that it’s because sharepoint designer ( in my case ) make automatic changes in these files when you change them ! I don’t know why . So the first and very important note is : Do not forget to first backup any file you want to change in sharepoint specially the files in layouts folders and it subfolders. ( you can make a copy of them )

I Solved it ! 🙂

After a little search and investigate I found that it has deleted the “~/ from the first of Register tags . So I change them all and it began working fine again 😉 ! maybe you prolem is the same ! So check it 😉


  1. Rachel says:


    I am trying to make the similar changes to the Upload.aspx page. I’ve made the copy of the original and renamed the copy to UploadX.aspx.

    Can you tell me where the “~/” should be inserted to get this work? I couldn’t find it in the Register tag.



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