Infopath Publishing issue in an explicit sharepoint site !

Posted: August 9, 2008 in InfoPath, SharePoint
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Today I was working on my infopath form, when it done and I tried to publish it on my sharepoint site it gives me the error : getting the site content type columns failed.

after googling a little and searching I found that it’s may be a bug in sharepoint !
( I guess it , and I don’t know , may be it has a reason ! )

So tried to solve it ! & I could ! ūüôā

There are different ways that u could publish your form in this situation.

  1. Create a new sub-site under the root site and publish your form !
  2. Create a wildcard inclusion path and then create a site and then publish your form !
  3. but if you insist on publishing your form on the root site –>¬†so first create a Form Library in Sharepoint (¬†Site Action –> Create –> Form Library¬†) and then you can publish your form and update that¬†template of that form library !!! (¬†I think it’s like a trick but it works ¬†)

In this way the problem was solved and I could publish my form in a root of the site with explicit inclusion path.

Update !!

I found that this trick does not work when you want to publish your from in Advanced Mode as a site content type. So I think this trick only works in Simple Mode and when you publish your form as a Document library !


  1. Cool site, love the info.

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